Elle fait le printemps

Elle fait le printemps
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« Elle fait jour. » Une petite fille réveille sa maman. « Elle fait douce. » C’est le câlin du matin. « Elle fait soleil ! », « Elle pleut, elle tonne, elle gronde, elle tempête »...
Et si toutes les émotions figées de la météo étaient au féminin ? Les humeurs et sensations de la fillette épousent les variations du temps et nous laissent entrer dans  son intimité où les émotions changent aussi vite que la météo, avec ses nuées et ses embellies !  Inspiré d’un poème de Jacques Prévert.
A poetic, feminist book for addressing young children’s moods and emotions, carried by the tender images of Lauranne Quentric.
“She’s daytime.” She wakes up her mommy. “She is mild.” The morning hug. “She’s shining!” The sun is out. “She’s raining, she’s thundering, she’s rumbling, she’s storming,” What if we described the weather with feminine pronouns? The little girl’s moods and feelings follow the variations of the weather and allow us into the intimate world of childhood, where emotions change as quickly as the weather, with a forecasted mix of clouds and sun!
  • Praline Gay-Para takes inspiration from the poem “Il pleut” by Jacques Prévert and transposes it into feminine language with wordplay and all the subtleties of a child’s emotions. The little girl squeals with joy, cries, and gets angry, but also pouts, dreams, and basks in the sun… before finally falling asleep, rain or shine!
  • Illustrator of Tenderness, A Friend, and Noor and Bobby for Didier Jeunesse, Lauranne Quentric reaches the pinnacle of her technique: soft, textured silk paper collages that bring warmth and softness to the images. Using layering and cutouts, she offers both inside and outside views and translates the development of color throughout the course of the day to create different nuances of light. She gives form to the poem with a little girl full of life, spontaneity, and freedom.
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