Hector été, automne, hiver

Hector été, automne, hiver
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Hector est un cerf puissant, majestueux, mais solitaire. Lorsque l’hiver s’en va et que les premiers bourgeons du printemps apparaissent, Hector s’éloigne du clan et disparait. Il cache les bourgeons qui naissent sur ses bois. Leïla part sur ses traces. Hector et Leïla deviennent inséparables, ils s’unissent et verront naître un tout petit, Victor. C’est cet enfant qui rompra l'exclusion d’Hector, en choisissant d’assumer le feuillage de ses propres bois.
Un texte poétique et puissant, brut, presque primitif, d’une grande force symbolique, pour aborder l’exclusion et la différence.
A love story treated with elegance by Rémi Courgeon, a great author illustrator of French children’s literature.
Hector is a powerful, majestic, but lonely deer. When winter goes away and the first spring buds appear, he disappears. As Leila only has eyes for Hector, she decides to follow him. Hector and Leila become inseparable, until one day a little one, Victor, is born.
• From Rémi Courgeon, the internationally acclaimed award-wining creator. His Feather was the New York Times  Best Illustrated Book of 2017. 
• This poetic and powerful, rhythmic and almost primitive text flows with very few words and gets straight to the point. The author seeks raw emotion by transporting us through the changing seasons and the different stages of life: from the first encountering to falling in love, until giving birth...
• Diverse illustration techniques contribute to the intensity of the text: charcoal and ink for the bold setting, and colorful crayon for the fluffy, softer characters that you would like to caress.
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249 x 318 mm
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