Les Amis du bois sans mousse - Écureuil dans la tempête

Les Amis du bois sans mousse - Écureuil dans la tempête
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Une violente tempête éclate, déracine les arbres et inonde les terres... Les amis du Bois sans mousse courent se réfugier au sommet de la Colline au parapluie. Seul Écureuil manque à l’appel. Vite ! Il faut le retrouver !
Une quatrième aventure des Amis du Bois sans mousse où se mêlent écologie et solidarité.
When a violent storm hits, the Mossless Woods is flooded and trees are torn out of the ground… Quick, the Friends must take shelter! An intense adventure in which resourcefulness and solidarity will be stronger than a natural disaster.

A storm is brewing in the Mossless Woods, and all the friends rush into their homes to take cover. But the violent wind breaks apart poor Squirrel’s treehouse, and he must abandon his home. Soon, he finds a makeshift shelter in a strange box on the riverbank, brought there by the storm. Exhausted and protected, Squirrel falls asleep, without realizing that the water is rising and rising, causing him to drift away. Quick! The Friends of the Mossless Woods must find Squirrel! They make their way through the woods on makeshift rafts made from objects they find drifting by, like baskets, barrels, and suitcases. The power of their resourcefulness and friendship leads them to Squirrel, who is trapped in his box. He is saved and the box will quickly find a new use! Nothing is lost, nothing is created, but everything changes us…

The fourth adventure of the Friends of the Mossless Woods mixes environmentalism with solidarity. A very relevant message!
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Tempête - 2
Tempête - 3

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