Loup gris à l'école des chasseurs

Loup gris à l'école des chasseurs
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Ce matin, Loup gris a rendez-vous avec Maître Crock. C’est le plus célèbre des chasseurs, on raconte même qu’il a combattu un ours ! Il enseigne à Loup gris les trois clefs de la réussite : le flair pour sentir, les oreilles pour entendre et les yeux pour voir. Il ira même jusqu’à lui souffler un conseil très précieux, son arme secrète… Avant même d’avoir compris, Loup gris va appliquer chacun des conseils à la lettre, mais en oubliant tous les autres !
Une nouvelle aventure d’un anti-héros aussi désespérant qu’attachant, toujours aussi drôle !
Today, Grey Wolf is looking for advice from the greatest hunter of all: Mr. Crock. Everyone to their shelters!
This morning, Grey Wolf has a meeting with Mr. Crock. He is the most famous hunter of all—they say he even fought a bear! He teaches Grey Wolf the three keys to his success: a nose for sniffing, ears for hearing, and eyes for seeing. He will even reveal a very special bit of advice—his secret weapon! Before he had even understood, Grey Wolf will apply each point of advice to the letter, while forgetting all the rest…

A new adventure with the antihero as hopeless as he is charming, and just as funny as ever!
  • Yet again, Gilles Bizouerne and Ronan Badel leave Grey Wolf with an empty stomach! As usual, Grey Wolf is misled but this time, even the animals will feel empathy for him!
  • Ronan Badel goes back to the origins of hunting and treats us to a reference to cave art. He also presents a new character, Mr. Crock, and gives him the airs of a guru who is nobody’s fool and who spews out all kinds of ridiculous advice.
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