Où es-tu ?

Où es-tu ?
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" Où es-tu petite Lise ? Je fais ma valise. Où es-tu Paolo ? Je suis sur mon vélo. Mais où es-tu Maman Ourse ? Je suis dans votre cœur à tous. " Un très bel album de Martine Bourre pour mettre des mots sur l’absence et l’éloignement plus que jamais d’actualité. Truffé de références à la littérature de jeunesse.
A grandmother who is far away or no longer here tenderly reassures her grandchildren.
“Where are you little Lise? I pack my suitcase. Where are you Paolo? I am on my bike. Where are you Paloma? I’m here, can’t you see me?” An affectionate question-and-answer game sets in, until the final question is asked in return by the children: “Where are you Grandma Bear?” “I am in everyone’s heart, and even if we do not see each other, you know very well that I am there…”

This text, written during the first lockdown in France in 2020, is simple and reassuring. It talks about the distance that weighs on us when we are separated from the people we love...
• Nature plays a crucial role in the book, reminding us of our visceral need for air and freedom.
• Martine Bourre has filled her illustrations with references to classic tales (Peter Rabbit) and to her own picture books. What a pleasure to look for and find them over the pages!
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