Mon Hérisson

Mon Hérisson
« Qu'est-ce-qui trotte, trotte, trotte / Dans les allées du jardin ? / C’est mon hérisson, mesdames ! / C’est mon hérisson !… ».
Des hérissons rotatifs cartonnés que les tout-petits auront plaisir à manipuler et à faire trotter, croquer et rouler au rythme de la comptine très connue en crèche et en maternelle !
A touchable, moveable book with pull tabs to make a little hedgehog scamper about, nibble, and roll.
  • Featuring hedgehogs on a rotating wheel that toddlers will enjoy manipulating and playing with to the rhythm of the text: “Who’s that in my garden / scampering, scampering, scampering around? / Why, it’s my little hedgehog! / As cute as he is round!”
  • Set in the natural world full of the colors of autumn, the story follows a hedgehog step by step as he pokes, scampers, nibbles, laps water, rolls, gets in a ball, then hides and goes to sleep when it gets cold outside… Play along by doing the actions with the words!
  • The illustrations by Atelier Saje are both bold and sweet. The color palette is radiant and the little hedgehog is irresistible.
  • From the same collection as Five in the Bed and Roll Fox, both of which were very successful in bookstores.
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160 x 280 mm
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12.90 €
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Hérisson - 1
Hérisson - 2
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